Are you currently in a situation that
you can't seem to get out of?

Does it feel like you have nowhere to turn?

My Short Sale Team is experienced at helping home owners get out of situations that put stress on themselves and their families.

What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale, simply defined , is when a lender (or lenders) agree to accept less than what is owed on the house in full satisfaction of the debt. After closing, sellers will be free from the obligations that hounded them, with no deficiency or additional money owed to these lenders.

How can a Short Sale benefit me?

     • Keeps you out of Foreclosure
    • Gets you out of debt
    • Your credit rating is better
    • Realtor fees are paid by the lender

Is it for me?

This may not be the best scenario, but may simply be the best option for someone who has to sell their house now. The sellers get out from under their unmanageable mortgage, rid themselves of their "negative equity," and move on to the next phase of their lives.

A Short Sale is not, however, a free pass. The Short Sale will have a negative impact on their credit, although substantially less than a foreclosure or bankruptcy.

How do I know if I Qualify?

So how do I qualify for a Short Sale? In today's real estate market, more people qualify than do not for a Short Sale. If you are experiencing financial difficulty of any kind, you may be a prime candidate for a Short Sale.

It is important for you and your family that you act now. Our objective is to help you sell your home, avoid foreclosure, and help your credit as much as possible. Our team of highly qualified agents will evaluate your situation today.

There still may be time

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